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Yulia: I like the fresh air after a thunder storm. I... - Online Dating in Cherkasy, Ukraine with beautiful Smile0001!

  • 33 Jahre alt frau, Sternzeichen: Fische
  • Cherkasy, Ukraine
  • English(Mittel)
  • Social worker, teacher
  • Ohne Kinder
  • Zuletzt Online: 24. Mai 2023
 Vertrauensstufe -  75%
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Geschlecht frau
Kinder Ohne Kinder
will Kinder haben Vielleicht
Größe 5'4" - 5'5" (161-165cm)
Körperbau Attraktiv
Religion Christ
Ausbildung Hochschulbildung
Raucher Nein
Trinker(in) Selten
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Beziehung Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik
I like the fresh air after a thunder storm. I like to walk in the woods and feel peace. I like the laughter of children. I like to see the sparkle in the eyes of children. I like to relax on the couch and watch dvd. I like hunting and fishing. I also like winter, friendly snowball fights, make snow angels and ice lanterns, snowmobiling. I like being with my friends...
This profile is dedicated to a man out there searching for a good woman. A woman that is able to hold a conversation, mature enough to handle criticism, honest enough to tell you the truth without hours of pointless fluff to pacify her guilt. A woman that is caring, kind and considerate. A woman that is intelligent enough to realize the difference between love, lust, friendship and wishful thinking, that is not such a coward that she has to re-sort to the crutch of friendship when rejecting someone. A woman that is not afraid to confront her insecurities and weaknesses. A woman that wont stab you in the back and manipulate your emotions with guilt trips, withdrawal, and endless sulking. A woman that is patient and empathetic enough to help you develop the tools necessary to harbour a long-lasting relationship…. I WILL BE SUCH A WOMAN FOR MY HUSBAND!!!
Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin):
I am looking for responsible, intelligent, mature and kind man. Probably all women here write the same because all we want love and understanding. You may think I am too young but… being young does not mean ‘being stupid’’ I am looking here for a mature man to share my life with, to grow together, to smile together, to think together, I have heard one good saying that ‘’Good marriage does not mean to think alike but to think together,’’ that is what I want, to find a man with whom we could enjoy not only ‘’bed’’ but also good conversation, understanding each other, now there are so many divorces and the reason for it is that people just do not talk, let’s talk, let’s begin this now from this very moment, if you like my profile do not be afraid to talk to me, I am here!!!!
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